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Teamspeak Server:
Password: Tainted
Please use Push-To-Talk

Guild Officers of Tainted
        Devilishly  - Guild Leader
        Reversify - Vice Guild Leader
        Macroga - Vice Guild Leader
        Azurity - Corp Leader
        shortybel - Corp Leader  
        PrettyPrecious - Corp Leader
        CapBRICK - Corp Leader         

Daily Schedule
Mon     Campfire 17:00
Tue      Campfire 17:00 Exo 17:30          
Wed     Campfire 17:00          
Thu      Campfire 17:00            
Fri       Campfire 17:00              
Sat       Campfire 14:00Exo 14:30Rift 20:00-22:00
Sun      Campfire 14:00Astral Shine 15:00        
  *all times are SERVER TIME
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Welcome to Tainted!

As a member of our family there are certain expectations that are held of all members. Read through these and become familiar with them.

1) Respect for your fellow guildies.
Quite simply this means that you will be expected to treat other guildies with the respect they are due.

2) Guild base quests and Guild affairs are expected to be done.
We do not require you to do every quest everyday. However when you have free time to spare lets get an envelope done. Affairs should be picked up for anything you'd normally do i.e. Life in the Harbor, GT etc..

3) Rift is about the biggest money provider we have for the guild. If you can be there you should be.
We understand at times you cannot be or that Rift's limited time frame makes it hard to be there. If you can be there you should be.

4) No selling of items in guild chat.
It is guild chat not a trade channel. The occasional big item will probably not cause a problem. But lets not make it a habit.

5) Being ACTIVE.
There seems to be some confusion about this. All we mean by being active is that you are online at times. Not everyone is a guild chat social butterfly. But be online enough to be seen. We remove people via not being online for a while. This just keeps us from thinking you have quit or moved on.

The guild is always evolving and always changing. So amendments and additions may need to be made at times. Check back in the future just to be sure you are still up to date on what is expected.

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