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Macroga (SuperAdmin) 4/8/2012 7:48 PM EST : Guide to Astral Shine
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Astral Shine is a weekly guild event that guild members can partake of every sunday at 3pm server time. (15:00) 

To the best of our knowledge there are no restrictions at this time.  Any level seems to be able to participate. This section will be Updated should we discover otherwise.

15 empty bag slots. (the items you will pick up are not stackable you will need 15 slots free)
Be at or near the rift statue at the start of the event.

Astral Shine is a 2 stage event.  Meaning that there are two different things that follow each other. 

First Stage: duration 15 minutes.
Grab the quest from the npc near the rift statue with the Astral shine. This quest will consist of two parts with a time limit. First part will be 0/15 meteorites/siderites. The second part is for 0/30 Heavenly Light.  (for the moment do not worry about the second part yet) This will also be accompanied by a 1 hour time limit.

After grabbing the quest head as fast as possible to any guild base besides your own.Beware Guild Base Entry Fees!!  Manually enter the base and proceed to look for meteorites/siderites.  These should be relatively easy to see and sparkle like many quest items will.  Continue to run around the guild base looking for more until you collect 15. A new addition is a teleporter npc that will randomly teleport you around the base you are currently in. You May have to travel to more then one guild base to complete you may not. 

Once you have acquired all 15 of the items then return to your guild base and head to the rift statue. You will be able to right click on the meteorites/siderites to turn them in.  Each individual one should give you exp and give some guild funds to the guild.

You are now done with stage 1 Yay.  Now you wait at the statue for stage 2.

Second Stage:

Now we go back to the second part of that quest. (thought I forgot didn't you) This is where you will complete the second part.

After the first stage has completed a light will begin shining. For the next 5 minutes you will receive experience.  Each tick of the exp will give you 1/30 heavenly light.  Sit there for 30 ticks and the quest will update.  So just stay and bask in the glow.

Final Quest:
This is where it gets a tad confusing.  The quest you gained is a two part quest.  So if you did not complete both parts you will not receive the final reward.  Which is more experience Yay! 

This concludes the Astral Shine.

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